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女性言語教育学会WELL (Women Educators and Language Learners) は1995年に設立され、日本中の言語を教える女性、あるいは学ぶ女性を支援するための有志者による団体です。会の主な言語は日本語と英語ですが、他言語の教師や学習者も歓迎します。

Founded in 1995, Women Educators and Language Learners (WELL) is a volunteer-run support group open to any woman teaching or studying any language anywhere in Japan. While most members work and communicate in English and/or Japanese, teachers and learners of other languages are involved and welcome.


WELL’s main activity is an annual 2-day conference/retreat at The National Women’s Education Center in Saitama Prefecture. Held in January, February, or March, this event is usually attended by 30 to 50 women. As a retreat, it offers women of all nationalities a place to network and relax. As a conference, it offers workshops and presentations by groups working on women’s issues in Japan and abroad. Language interpretation is provided.

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